Who are Falcon Capital Partnership?

Falcon Capital Partnership provide an exclusive introductory platform allowing high net worth investors to connect with innovative UK companies offering funding and investment opportunities. Whether you are looking to add a highly researched income bearing investment to your portfolio, or a niche company or project with high growth potential, we strive to bring you something different from the rest of the crowd.


Falcon Capital Partnership were established in January 2015 and quickly grew to become the go to introductry platform for high networth individuals and sophisticated private investors seeking alternative investment solutions to compliment their existing portfolios. 

Recognising the individual needs of high net-worth investors has enabled us to diverge from conventional investment attitudes.

As part of a measured investment approach, our introduced clients have been able to avoid the stagnancies and volatilities for which the markets are often known.

We enforce a company culture of discipline and accountability and our consultants are encouraged to maintain the highest ethical standards and above all, remain fully transparent when introducing opportunities.

When dealing with any member of our team, you can expect professional introduction to the investment you have shown an interest in.

Venture Portfolio

Partners. Visionaries.

Client 1


When we first met the founder of Disarmco, we knew we had discovered something really special. Since we made our first investment, other firms have also seen the potential and Disarmco looks set to make a huge impact globally. They are true heros saving lives where humans have left the damage behind.

Falcon Capital

Equilibrium Labs

Equilibrium was one of the first companies we invested in, and their founding team was a big factor in our decision. Their success proved that our early-stage decision to invest in them was the right one. They are raising funds on a series A EIS round right now and they are set to make a huge impact in the Liver health supplement industry

Client 8


We have recently discovered MyTown Technologies. It is an EIS tax beneficial investment opportunity. We are set to invest which is a huge indication of our trust and belief in one another. MyTown is fast becoming one of the most talked about companies in digital advertising, uniquely bringing communities and local businesses together all under one platform.

Client 2


When we first got introduced to the team behind  Veritas, we knew we had discovered  a truly talented and passionate group. Their drive to create sustainable energy across the globe is unrivelled, other firms have also seen the potential and Veritas looks set to make a huge impact in the industry.

Looking for Innovative Investment opportunities?

Falcon Capital Partnership exclusively works with Qualified Investors meaning our client base consists of industry professionals UHNWI HNWI and self certified sophisticated investors, we unfortunately cannot accept unqualified retail clientele. Our Private Clients must complete a Self certification process that you can do here by pressing register below and get access to all our current investment opportunities.


We strive to develop and maintain long- term relationships with our Private Clients, that will evolve into a wide range of successful equity profit bearing alternative investments while maintaining our zero percent default rate on alternative fixed income products.

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Private clients can login at anytime using your email and password and keep upto date with all our well researched investments


Investment Process

We have a passion for highly investable opportunities, we provide a valuable service to those who understand that considerable returns can be made by aligning carefully selected alternatives with their existing investments.




The opportunity is presented in the form of an Investment Proposal Memorandum (“IM”) from our Provider which covers all aspects of the deal including the investment terms, the financial structure, the potential risks and the targeted returns, including exit strategy and timescale. All IM’s from our Providers are clear, concise and well researched. They are often accompanied by specific marketing material on the opportunity itself.

Client reviews the IM and may decide to invest at that point or may ask for additional information and, as such, we are always available to provide more information on the investment and seek answers from the investment provider and relay them to you, in person, by telephone or email.

The investment is made by subscription form and direct payment is made to the company itself or custodian. Our Providers facilitate all documentation to the client (and EIS documents where relevant).


Once the investment is complete the clients receive full confirmation of settlement from our Provider. Clients will receive regular updates from us or directly from the Provider


Access to Falcon Capital Partnership's Portfolio of Alternative Investments is only available to certified Investors

If you want access to our private client area please certify yourself first and create your members login. 

Why Choose Falcon?

We provide a valuable service for our providers who rely on us to introduce their products to private and institutional investors who are actively seeking opportunities...

Why Alternatives?

Alternatives or non-traditional assets are commonly utilized to diversify an investment portfolio and achieve returns independent of the performance of the stock market.

Why Diversify?

Alternative investments may help diversify a portfolio because they typically have a low level of correlation to more traditional asset classes.

Why Now?

Low interest rates are helping to fuel the growing interest from investors looking to generate a higher return on their cash.

Our Promise

We never cold call potential investors


We never handle client funds


We do not offer investment swaps or execute sale orders


We do not provide financial advice


We will only introduce an opportunity once a potential investor has asked for the information


We always aim to build lasting relationships with clients from the first introduction


We will always provide you with a full explanation of the risks involved with each specific alternative investment as part of the investment marketing materials we introduce to you.

Falcon Capital Partnership has a diverse portfolio of solid high yielding investment opportunities that our private registered members can access after self certification.  



 We’re looking for innovation, hard work and promise, and have a strict criteria for selecting our next partners.

While we only invest in a handful of companies a year, it means we can focus solely on those who we believe really have the founders, team and drive to succeed.

At Falcon Capital Partnership your projects are important to us, fund-raising both equity and debt for startups and major projects for capitalisation.


We know you have great plans for your startup or for the growth of your your company, and we want to help you make them happen.

With our innovative introduction network of UHNWI, HNWI, sophisticated investors, family offices, funds and charitable organisations, we make the connections where it matters, on other platforms, the relationship ends after funding is obtained.


With Falcon when we engage or invest, and from that moment on, a long-term relationship begins, our belief is to promote and obtain funding for projects that matter to ourselves.


When Falcon Capital Partnership commits to your project you can be sure you will get funded.

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Falcon Capital Partnership Ltd only markets to self certified investors. You can Self Certify here or by clicking "Self Certification" at the bottom of the page. The content of this website is for information only and does not constitute, nor must be deemed to be financial advice. Reliance on this promotion for the purpose of engaging in any lending activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing some or all of the monies lent. Falcon Capital Partnership Ltd does not provide pension, investment or financial advice, which can only be provided by a regulated financial adviser. All investments marketed by Falcon Capital Partnership Ltd are not regulated, illiquid and non-transferable and you may not receive back all of what you invested and should your financial circumstances change and you needed to sell the loan notes or bonds you would be unable to do so. All prospective investors should seek independent professional advice before investing. Your capital will be at risk if you invest. Falcon Capital Partnership Ltd is not authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and clients who invest will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Falcon Capital Partnership Ltd IS registered in England & Wales, Number 09403877. Registered Office: 9 Staple Inn, Holborn Bars, London, WC1V 7QH.


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